Indiana University Teams Up with International Business School in Sweden

Sounds like a great opportunity for Indiana University:

The agreement for scholarly cooperation joins SPEA with Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), a leading European international business school that is highly regarded for scholarship of entrepreneurship and small business. The agreement calls for:

  • Faculty exchanges for purposes of teaching, research, lectures and seminars
  • Joint research projects on topics of mutual interest
  • Student exchanges, with opportunities for IU students to study at JIBS and vice versa
This agreement builds on strong ties that already exist between Indiana University and Jönköping International Business School, thanks to the work of David Audretsch, Sameeksha Desai and Charles Bonser,” Graham said. “Jönköping has an extensive network of global partnerships and is known as a world leader in entrepreneurship. This relationship will provide SPEA faculty and students with outstanding new opportunities for research and study.”