ASU Students in Competition

Good luck to them!

Three Arizona State University (ASU) student start-ups have made it into the ‘College Entrepreneur of 2011’ contest for their unique innovations that include converting steel shipping containers into medical clinics, the development of an app for vets to diagnose small animals and the development of 3D content and systems to change how people interact.

The three start-ups that have made the shortlist for the competition hail from ASU’s Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative, a student venture accelerator programme that helps aspiring student entrepreneurs from all ASU campuses grow their ventures into viable businesses.

The eventual winner of the College Entrepreneur of 2011 competition, which will be announced in late 2011, will receive US$5,000 in prize money to help develop their business. Coupled with this cash injection, the winning company will also feature in the January 2012 edition of Entrepreneur magazine.

The winner will be decided by voting that has already started and continues until September. Click here to see all the finalists.

Of the three ventures that hail from ASU, Boson is focusing on stereoscopic 3D media, and how it can enhance our abilities to interact, communicate, and develop physical abilities that will benefit current and future generations. Using gesture-based technology, interactive simulations, and supporting a unique technology platform, the company is developing various 3D content and systems.