White House Promoting Urban Entrepreneurship

From the website:

Today, what America needs now is the nurturing of a new generation of urban entrepreneurs who understand “the language of money,” and particularly young urban entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employment projects.  A young, empowered generation of silver rights leaders, on fire with hope, esteem and opportunity in their own lives.

What we need now are more role practical models for success and prosperity in 21st century America. From mainstream entrepreneurship success stories such as Steve Jobs, fired from his own company (Apple, Inc.), locked out for 12 years, only to return to lead both a resurgent Apple and Pixar Corporation, creating jobs for tens of thousands.

Or an urban entrepreneurship success story such as Jamail Larkins, founder and CEO of $12 million revenue Ascension Aviation of Atlanta, Georgia, a young African-American male who learned how to fly his first plane at 12-years of age, started his business at 16-years of age, and at 27 years old is not only running a leading aerospace company and creating tens of local jobs, but is a new era role model for a new generation, and has a spirit of philanthropy too.

We are at a critical inflection point for our nation, and we should not let this crisis go to waste.

We should do something powerful and good with it, and President Obama’s call for a generation of urban entrepreneurship is the best solution I have heard to both attack urban joblessness, in a practical, empowering and sustainable way, and to give real hope to community in the same breath.  And financial literacy, or what we at Operation HOPE call “the language of money,” is the new DNA of America’s future competitiveness.  When you know better, you tend to do better.

What America needs now is a nationwide and serious call for Generation Entrepreneurship, and of course a President with the vision to move the needle, and the agenda.

We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with President Barack Obama and his Administration, as he makes this call for Generation Entrepreneurship in America.  This, we can do.