Entrepreneurship Around the Globe

Here is some great entrepreneurship education news out of Ghana:

Sixteen young Ghanaian graduates Saturday graduated with diplomas from the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, East Legon in Accra, with the onerous, almost biblical commission to go and shine amongst men, believing in their capacity to be global winners.

Jorn Lyseggen, Founder and CEO of Meltwater Group, told the young entrepreneurs who had undergone the school’s two-year training programme in software entrepreneurship – programming, software development, business plans development and entrepreneurship skills -that success was possible from anywhere in the world, Ghana inclusive.

It is the reason they must take their destinies into their own hands and confront the world and in the process banish failure. Failure, he said, will come only if they fail to try.

“Today we are living in a wonderful world. Never has individual talent had greater opportunity to change the world. To create a software copy for example, all you need is a computer, a computer costing a few hundred dollars and after that, it’s up to you – your imagination, your drive and your conviction. We hope entrepreneurs being hatched from MEST will inspire generations; the young minds, perhaps in this neighbourhood. We hope that role models from MEST will inspire local youth to believe in themselves, to believe in their own abilities to start companies, to believe in their own abilities to go outside of Africa to compete internationally, to compete with anyone else out there as long as they put their heart and minds to it.